Starlight Support Crib Mattress Review

starlight support crib mattressWhat your child sleeps in is your business, but with the Starlight support crib mattress, you can rest assure they are as comfortable that they can be. This is one of the best crib mattress around. When they designed this, they kept in mind your child’s health, their safety when it comes to comfort. This mattress is manufactured by Moonlight Slumber, and is considered a premium mattress. What many of you will love about this is that it is flame-resistant. It has an internal Fire Barrier. It goes beyond the Federal standards and meets the Cal. TB603 regulations for open flame resistance which came to effect in January 2005. This starlight mattress is guaranteed to gift sweet dreams to your little one.

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Product Features and Specifications

  • antimicrobial treated both inside and out
  • welded seams
  • no needle holes in mattress cover
  • two levels of comfort
  • One side for infants only
  • Other side for older children
  • Dimensions: 27.5X52X6
  • Ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping

The Reviews

When it comes to people’s babies, there is just nothing that you wouldn’t do to get them the best. It has been said by parents that have bought the Starlight for their child’s crib that they have slept longer than most other kids – we’re talking 12-13 hours throughout the night. Others like the fact that it is so easy to clean, which we all know is critical. They loved the fact that there are two sides so to meet the needs of your child and keep up longer than the typical crib mattress does.

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For the money and the amount of sleep that you get, this is a good deal. Others have said that they had the fire retardant on the mattresses with other brands that they have used. However, they had to air them out when they got them. This wasn’t the case when it came to this. The starlight support crib mattress is ready to use when it arrives.


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