Simmons Kids Pampering Sleep Supreme Crib Mattress Review

crib mattress reviewsThe Simmons kids pampering sleep supreme crib mattress is the perfect way to pamper your little loved one right from the beginning. This mattress is designed so that it will grow with your baby. The one side of the mattress is very firm to provide safety when your newborn is sleeping. As the infant grows and becomes a toddler, the mattress is able to be flipped to the softer side providing greater comfort. Let’s have a look at the great features offered by this Simmons crib mattress and see what others have to say about it.

Simmons Kids Pampering Sleep Supreme Crib Mattress Features and Specifications

  • 35 year warranty… 35 years! Imagine that. Unheard of.
  • Wet resistant hypoallergenic 100% vinyl surface cover
  • Strong tempered steel has been used for the interlocking coils numbering no less than 234
  • Dual sided for a minimum of four years of use per child
  • Weighs under 20 pounds
  • 51.6 inches long
  • Durable, solid construction
  • Mattress is clearly labeled on both sides for easy identification of the baby or toddler side


What good is a two in one mattress?


Even active toddlers will enjoy the perfect duo of support and comfort on the toddler side of this mattress; while babies will be fully supported by the foam provided firmness that babies require of a crib mattress.


You can expect long life and durability


You can expect at least four years of use out of this mattress by Simmons… actually more because 4 years is only for one child. People pass down clothes that still have life in them to younger siblings all the time. The same can be done with this Supreme 234 mattress.


Okay, it holds up, but will it still look nice?


It can still have years of firm but comfortable usefulness in its future. And cleanliness won’t be a problem thanks to the wet resistant, easy clean, wipe off a vinyl covering. Sturdy construction assures Simmons customers a mattress with a lifespan that gives more than 3 times the average mattress warranty.


The name Simmons carries a trustworthy reputation!


Simmons sleep mattress… How many times have you heard that phrase? Simmons is a name that has been associated with comfortable, supportive mattresses for as long as most of us can remember. There’s a reason for that. They make quality products for their customers.


Great mattresses since back in the old days


Remember those old commercials with the guy on the lab coat standing on mattress who drops a bowling ball onto the mattress without actually disturbing any of the pins that were sitting on the same mattress? That was Simmons.

Simmons Kids Pampering Sleep Supreme Crib Mattress

What has Simmons done for me lately?


Just three years ago they combined a spring mattress with memory foam to create one of the most comfortable beds available. Now, Simmons has found a way to treat your baby to luxurious comfort while still maintaining the required firmness of a safe baby mattress and, just by flipping it over, offers the comfort and support that is perfect for a toddler.


Just because it’s light weight doesn’t mean it’s a lightweight!


Some reviewers were very surprised at how lightweight the mattress actually felt even with all the interlocking, stainless steel coils. Clearly it’s not as lightweight as coil-less mattresses, but it can easily be handled by one person. The mattress fits snugly into standard baby cribs and is the right size for most toddler beds, as well.

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Babies sleep like… a baby!


Babies and toddlers alike sleep soundly in pampered, luxurious comfort. If tossing and turning has been a problem in the past this mattress could put all that (and the child) to rest. Some baby mattresses come with a distinct odor when you unpack them. No reports of any kind of odor were evident in reviews.


With age and experience comes knowledge


135 years is one heck of a long time for any company to be in business. Yet Simmons has managed to do just that. They were the makers of the infamous Beauty Rest Mattress, and in 1950 introduced to the world the first king and queen mattresses.


What Simmons means to America


So much of an America on icon is Simmons; they were featured in Life magazine. It’s no surprise that Simmons created this multi utilitarian opportunity to pamper your young one.


What Others Are Saying about This Product


This luxurious combination baby/toddler mattress by Simmons actually ended up with a lot of positive reviews online.

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A loyal customer and a good deal


One reviewer has already purchased two of these mattresses for their first and second child, because the first child is still using the first mattress. She expects them to last for a long time and is overjoyed at how easily they wipe clean. This comes in particularly handy when the mattress pad is in the wash and only a sheet is protecting their Simmons Pampering Mattress. The fact that you actually get two mattresses for one means that these people literally got four mattresses for the price of two! That’s like buying 4 mattresses at 50% off. In these times of economic dire straits, savings like this are hard to come by and just as hard to pass up. But why would you? Babies are expensive and when they move into their toddler years the expenses just keep on coming. With the manufacture and distribution of this mattress, Simmons has offered you a way to help make ends meet. Who can’t use that?


Some kind of dilemma


Moms with big babies will particularly appreciate the firmness that these interlocking coils offer. A mom with a 20+ pound six month old needed a mattress that wouldn’t sag where the baby was lying. This Simmons mattress filled the bill.


A contradiction of sorts


Lovers of Simmons mattresses who have purchased older versions with fewer coils were still satisfied enough to come back to Simmons and buy this mattress for their family’s new additions. No matter how many people you have review an item, you always get contradicting reports. This case is no exception. Certain reviewers are finding it hard to differentiate between the two sides of this mattress while other reviewers simply can’t understand their dilemma… They’re clearly labeled, after all. Apparently it’s all in how you look at it; the disagreement between reviewers pops up again on the subject of cost.


Any complaints?


Some say that even though it’s well worth it, they feel that it costs a little more; whereas others say that this is one of the best deals they’ve ever seen on crib mattresses and that it has the same or better quality as more expensive makes or models. Once again it’s apparently all in the way you look at it. Regardless, rest assured, this mattress is a great value.




This Simmons sleep supreme baby mattress with its wipe clean surface, double sided versatility, 234 interlocking coils, solid construction, and firm supportive foam meets or exceeds all safety standards applicable to mattresses of this kind.


Where Can You Buy the Simmons Kids Pampering Sleep Supreme Crib Mattress?


You can buy this Simmons Kids Pampering Sleep Supreme crib mattress from various online retailers. Click here to view on Amazon.

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