Colgate Eco Classica I Crib Mattress Review

Colgate Eco Classica I Crib MattressGo figure…another Colgate crib mattress that has gotten rave reviews from the buyers! Colgate can’t seem to miss with their patented design of baby mattress. If you are looking to buy one of the best crib mattresses for your newborn baby then you definitely can’t miss this Colgate Eco Classica I crib mattress that is made with ecologically friendlier foam. Let’s have a look at some of the great features that the Colgate Eco Classica I crib mattress has to offer and see what other reviewers had to say about it.

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Colgate Eco Classica I Crib Mattress Features

  • Cloth cover is wet proof damask
  • Weighs in at a lightweight, manageable 8 pounds; making sheet changes fast and easy
  • Cloth closest to baby’s skin has wet proof backing but is soft on the sleep surface
  • Petroleum based oils have been replaced by eco friendly plant oils in the manufacturing of the foam for this mattress
  • Orthopedically styled
  • Fits standard toddler sized beds and baby cribs
  • Made of durable, supportive, yet softly comfortable foam

Colgate cares about your baby and the environment


Amazingly safe and comfortable baby mattresses are nothing new to Colgate as proven by their Classica l foam baby crib mattress. This time they have catered to the particularly ecologically friendly consumer. It has all the same top rated, number one tested, high quality construction as its predecessor but Colgate took it a step further.


How did they do it?


The manner in which Colgate Eco Classica I crib mattress won the Media Award from iParenting is with a different type of foam. This foam is manufactured from plant oils (rather than crude oil) but still maintains its medically approved firmness which is so necessary for babies. And it’s still made in America.


A big name’s reputation on the line!


With the reputation that Colgate has built up through the years they certainly can’t afford to fail now; and they don’t. There is massive stress being placed on everything being as ecologically friendly as possible these days and Colgate is assuredly doing their part in the manufacture of this ‘green’ baby mattress. This mattress is a winner in every department.


Mattress pad


Mattress pad while being organic is waterproof but some people still prefer to utilize organic waterproof mattress pads and sheets to extend the life of the mattress itself.




The Baby Book of Bargains highly recommends this Colgate Eco Classica I crib mattress for many reasons including the fact that it is number one in the fight against SIDS; they are the longest standing manufacturer of cribs around with their seemingly unstoppable technological advancements in foam, materials and firmness.




Some people thought that organic would mean heavy but that is not the case. Changing sheets in the middle of the night is a breeze, thanks to the lightweight build of the Colgate Eco Classica I crib mattress.


They’ve got the whole package!


Colgate already had a seemingly flawless baby crib mattress in the Classica l. Its safety, firmness and comfort won the hearts of many parents. In keeping in tune with the times, Colgate has responsibly decided to be as friendly to our environment as possible while keeping smelly and possibly harmful chemicals far away from the air that our babies breathe.


Cost versus your baby’s mortality


Pricey baby mattresses can be daunting but Colgate offers an awful lot of quality for the money with this mattress. Not only can this mattress help your child to sleep better but you can sleep easier knowing that you got the most for your dollar and that your child is sleeping on one of the safest SIDS fighting crib mattresses available.

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What others are saying about this product

crib mattress reviews

Finally a relaxing night!


A first time mother, who kept her new baby in a bassinet next to her and her husband’s bed, actually moved the baby to the crib much sooner than they had originally planned after hearing about all the positive results had by others doing the same; when this mattress was in the mix. The results were some of the most pleasurable, relaxing and quiet evenings she and her husband had spent since bringing the baby home. Diaper leaks aren’t as big of a problem as they could be, thanks to the lightweight, quick and easy sheet changes in the middle of the night (even though the mattress fits tightly and snugly inside the crib). Not even baby’s fingers can get stuck between the mattress and crib side.


Hindsight is 20/20


Parents that have gone through the purchase of endless baby items recall regretting any number of those purchases. The Colgate Eco Classica I crib mattress is one purchase that will never end up on that list, as testified to by a couple experienced in child rearing. Saving money is something almost everyone needs to do these days and these parents love the fact that their child can sleep on this mattress through its toddler years rather than having to purchase a brand new mattress when the baby out grows the crib. It puts off the inevitable for a good several years.


Listing all the pros and cons


My favorite review on the web was by a mother who helpfully decided to list all the pros and cons of this Classica l Colgate eco friendly baby mattress. Under pros, she mentioned many of the same things that have already been explained here including the facts that it fits any standard crib, is extremely comfortable yet firm, lightweight but durable, and has no gassy or chemical smell. Under cons she basically summed up her entire experience with this eco friendly baby mattress by Colgate with a list…none!


Any complaints?


Several reviewers have been stating that this mattress is way too firm.




Being able to maintain the highest standards already set forth by their previous model of this Colgate Eco Classica I crib mattress while taking on the responsibility of ecological friendliness is an endeavor that not many companies would care to undertake. Thank you Colgate for caring about more than the almighty buck!

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